Getting django-behave and Celery to work together

Published by at 17th June 2015 7:34 pm

I ran into a small issue today. I'm working on a Django app which uses Celery to handle certain tasks that don't need to return a response within the context of the HTTP request. I also wanted to use django_behave for running BDD tests. The trouble is that both django_behave and Celery provide their own custom test runners that extend the default Django test runner, and so it looked like I might have to choose between the two.

However, it turned out that the Celery one was actually very simple, with only a handful of changes needing to be made to the default test runner to make it work with Celery. I was therefore able to create my own custom test runner that inherited from DjangoBehaveTestSuiteRunner and applied the changes necessary to get Celery working with it. Here is the test runner I wrote, which was saved as myproject/

1from django.conf import settings
2from djcelery.contrib.test_runner import _set_eager
3from django_behave.runner import DjangoBehaveTestSuiteRunner
5class CeleryAndBehaveRunner(DjangoBehaveTestSuiteRunner):
6 def setup_test_environment(self, **kwargs):
7 _set_eager()
8 settings.BROKER_BACKEND = 'memory'
9 super(CeleryAndBehaveRunner, self).setup_test_environment(**kwargs)

To use it, you need to set the test runner in

TEST_RUNNER = 'myproject.runner.CeleryAndBehaveRunner'

Once that was done, my tests worked flawlessly with Celery, and the Behave tests ran as expected.