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25th January 2014 11:38 am

My First Yeoman Generator

At work I use the Skeleton boilerplate a lot - my boss, who handles most of the design work, likes it and generally uses it for his designs. I’ve also been using Grunt a lot lately, so it was inevitable that I’d probably start to look for a Yeoman generator for working with it.

There was an existing Yeoman generator for Skeleton, but it didn’t really do what I wanted. I wanted something that:

  • Included jQuery and Modernizr
  • Automatically concatenates and minifies all the JavaScript and CSS
  • Will automatically rebuild on changes
  • Includes LiveReload and a development server
  • Includes automatic deployment via FTP

After looking through the documentation for Yeoman, it was actually quick and easy to throw together my own generator and put it up. It’s available here, and the GitHub repository is here.

Future plans for it include:

  • Adding auto-prefixing for CSS
  • Removing redundant CSS rules automatically
  • Possibly, alternate deployment methods

Frustratingly, NPM seems to be playing up at present - it’s not picking up the README file, and the Yeoman site isn’t pulling it in. Any idea why, anyone?

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