My first jQuery plugin

Published by at 21st April 2013 10:06 pm

In my day job, I recently finished PagePooch, a tool for monitoring web pages for changes in content or prices. It's a project that I'm immensely proud of, because it was my first big and largely solo project as a developer.

During the development of this, I initially created the user interface with jQuery Mobile, but later on added a desktop interface as well. During development of the desktop interface, I needed to recreate the functionality of the filter available for listviews in jQuery Mobile, and wound up creating a plugin for jQuery to do so.

I recently got permission to open-source this, as I figured the functionality was trivial enough that we couldn't reasonably sell it, but by making it freely available, we'd maybe get some goodwill, and if we were really lucky, a few bugfixes and/or improvements.

It's now available via the jQuery plugin registry. Please let me know what you think, and feel free to fork it and hack on it as you see fit.