Contact me

You can contact me at, but please bear in mind the following:

  • This is strictly a personal blog, and I'm not interested in posting guest posts, so please don't ask. Nor am I interested in letting you rebuild it, or help with SEO. I have nothing to sell, and do not gain anything financially from running this site, therefore I can't justify any additional expense on it.
  • I'm also not interested in reviewing commercial products unless they're directly useful to me in my work. Given I don't generally get on with graphical IDE's, please don't ask me to review your PHP IDE - even if I were to say yes, I won't have a good experience with it, and my review will reflect that.
  • Do not waste my time telling my about a supposed "security issue" you found which is a trivial security header. This is a static site, run on Github Pages, so I couldn't add those headers, and there's no dynamic functionality, therefore nothing to exploit. And if you're angling for a bug bounty, you can go whistle.